mode of study: part-time

Length of study: 2 years 3 months.

Tuition: 52 000 rubles per year (tuition in 2018–2019).

Master’s degree program: Applied social psychology.

Documents confirming previous education:

  • higher education degree and qualifications.

Submit documents:  25 June – 09 November, 2018.

Entrance examinations: test equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in the direction.

Dates of entrance examinations:

  • from July, 01 toNovember, 16, 2018 (as the examination groups form).

contact information

Degree-granting department: Department of Psychology and Sociology of Management

Tel: (3852) 503-425

about the direction

The master’s program in Applied Social Psychology is implemented by the teaching staff of the Department of Psychology and Sociology of Management and leading experts with many years of experience preparing students for professional activities.

The program was developed on the basis of modern domestic and foreign experience in the effective training of psychologists, holders of a master’s degree, as well as the requirements for qualifications of social psychologists at the current stage of the development of Russian society.

The educational process includes training of specialists in various fields of applied social psychology in the following areas: socio-psychological diagnostics, expertise and prognostics, personal-professional diagnostics, applied political psychology, applied sports psychology, conflict psychology, etc.

The objects of the professional activity of students of the master’s degree program are: personality and group in a social context; communication and interaction of people; organizational development in the management system, business, issues of psychological support for team work in various spheres of public life.

The holder of a master’s degree, trained in the proposed program, can carry out the following practical activities:

  • draw up psychodiagnostic conclusions and recommendations on their use in research, expert and advisory activities;
  • be an expert in social, political, economic, organizational projects in terms of psychological components and consequences of their implementation;
  • carry out psychological counseling in the field of social, educational, political, sports, legal and business activities on issues related to human resource management, organization of work processes, behavior of consumers of products (services), interpersonal relationships, career guidance and career planning, personal growth;
  • carry out scientific, methodological and economic substantiation and support of innovative projects;
  • evaluate the readiness of the public, organizations and personnel to implement innovative projects;
  • implement effective management of teamwork in various social practices.


The Department of Psychology and Sociology of Management has strong scientific ties both within the Academy network and with partner universities in Russia. Graduate students of the department have the opportunity to participate in the scientific life: round tables, seminars, conferences devoted to various topical issues of psychological knowledge.

about the educational program

The master's degree program “Applied Social Psychology” is aimed at developing practical skills in applying psychological theories and methods in various areas of modern society (economics, management, education, health, culture, sports, etc.).

The educational program provides training for students with both communicative and specific professional competences in the field of social psychology.

In the process of mastering the program, undergraduates learn to analyze the theoretical foundations of social psychology from the point of view of practical application to solving a whole range of social problems, apply modern methods of statistical analysis, develop programs of psychological support, and master the skills of effective self-presentation and technologies for developing and conducting social-psychological training.

The educational process is implemented using both traditional and new educational technologies:

• cognitive-oriented technologies: dialogical teaching methods, discussion seminars, problem-based learning;

• student-centered technologies: interactive and simulation games, trainings, diagnostics, etc.

During training, undergraduates do research, job training  (including design) and pre-graduation training practice in psychological centers, educational institutions, psychological services of banks, recruitment agencies, law enforcement agencies (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations) with the possibility of  subsequent employment.

The implementation of the main educational program is supported by the necessary modern educational and methodological and informational support that meets the requirements of the federal state educational standard, and the goals and objectives of the preparation of master’s degree holders. The qualitative composition of the teaching staff meets licensing standards and accreditation indicators.

Undergraduates are given the opportunity to use the equipment of computer classes, multimedia audiences, the branch’s scientific library, electronic library resources and the branch’s electronic educational environment.

major disciplines

Basic part

  • Methodology and methods of psychological research
  • Social institutions of the modern Russian society
  • Supervision of professional and personal development 
  • Psychological support of project activities
  • Data visualization in psychology
  • Personal and professional diagnostics
  • Behavioral economics
  • Advanced neuroscience studies

Variable part

  • Socio-psychological diagnosis, examination and prognosis
  • Practical training on the development of programs of psychological support
  • Socio-psychological methods of personnel management
  • Innovative activity in the theory and practice of social psychology
  • Statistical methods in practical social psychology
  • Applied political psychology
  • Applied sports psychology

Career prospects

Graduates of the master's program in Applied Social Psychology can work in state, non-state and commercial organizations of various types (including government agencies, banks, trading firms, scientific organizations, educational institutions, the media, psychological support services for the population, recruitment agencies, human resources departments of organizations, etc.).

Training programs for advanced training are focused on the training of executives, specialists of the civil service, local governments and managers, specialists and employees of other sectors of the national economy. For them, the branch implements short-term and medium-term training programs, the content of which is determined by the job category of students.