The scientific work of the faculty in the Altai Branch of RANEPA is carried out in accordance with the profile of the Academy and is reflected in scientific articles, reports at scientific conferences and seminars, grant activities, implementation of contractual research projects, participation in the development of programs aimed at the political and socio-economic development of Altai Krai.

The scientific work of the Academy is an integral part of the educational process, the most important factor in strengthening the intellectual potential, the basis for the continuing updating of teaching and methodological support materials.


• Financial support for regional economic entities.

• Theoretical and methodological basis for monitoring the development of industry-specific and regional economic systems.

• Socio-economic and political development of the region: management, strategic planning and information and analytical support.

• Managing the processes of psychological and social development of society and the individual.

• Actual problems of improving state law, criminal and procedural, civil law and administrative legislation of the Russian Federation in the activities of law enforcement agencies and public organizations.

• Actualization of the interdisciplinary competence approach in the field of research work of the university in the preparation of highly qualified personnel.

The purpose of the research work of the Altai branch of RANEPA is to conduct fundamental and applied scientific research, the results of which are used to provide consulting, informational, analytical, scientific and methodological services to state authorities, local government and business structures, training, retraining, advanced training of state and municipal employees, other management personnel and the implementation of promising, innovative projects in the key sectors of the economy, learning and applying new knowledge, finding solutions to managerial, organizational, socio-economic, operational-tactical, strategic, legal, informational problems aimed at ensuring the educational process of the Altai branch, improving the quality of the educational process.

The research work of the Academy is traditionally connected with the educational process, forming a single whole. These two basic components of the development of modern scientific schools mutually enrich and complement each other. The research work of students and faculty members is carried out on the basis of information and material and technical resources of the Altai branch of RANEPA, information resources of the city of Barnaul, Altai Krai, the Russian Federation and other publicly accessible information databases. The implementation of research results is carried out by agreement with legal entities, individuals, local governments, state authorities on a free-of-charge basis, and also research is carried out within the framework of grant support for scientific directions of the Altai branch of RANEPA. The research conducted in the Altai branch is aimed at solving a number of problems.


  • Strengthening the impact of science on the solution of educational and pedagogic tasks, preserving and strengthening the basic, defining nature of science for the development of higher education.
  • Providing training, retraining and advanced training of specialists and teaching staff.
  • Information and analytical work on the study of the socio-economic and political situation in the region, the development of practical recommendations aimed at improving the performance and efficiency of the decisions made.