Psychological Center was created within the structure of the Altai branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation in September 2012. The Center provides psychological support to students, employees of the Academy and other people (individuals, groups, organizations) who have applied to the Center.

The potential of the branch (such as personnel, research, methodological and material and technical) allows for the organization and implementation of such activities as consulting - working with organizations. The complex use of methods and technologies available to the specialists of the psychological center (psycho diagnostic and professional tests, business games, cases, training programs, etc.) creates the necessary conditions for solving a number of basic tasks: selection, diagnostics, evaluation, and monitoring of human resources.


• developing and implementing a system of psychological support for the development of students' personality, including the development of programs, methods, technologies for the provision of psychological assistance and support to subjects of the educational process in solving psychological problems;

• improving the quality of training students and forming their professional career at different stages of the educational process using psychological methods;

• increasing psychological competence and psychological culture of students and employees;

• developing  motivation of subjects of the educational process to constructive interaction;

• psychological counseling of students, employees, as well as other people (individuals, groups, organizations) who apply to the Center.


  • advisory - psychological counseling, psychological therapy, psychological correction - the main types, forms, technologies of providing psychological assistance and support to an individual (group) in solving personal, interpersonal and intergroup problems;
  • psychodiagnostic - determining the level of development of mental processes, mental states and psychological properties of a person;
  • preventive - psychological education and psychological vocational guidance (the possibility of using psychological knowledge, including about yourself, in your future or current professional activity);
  • scientific and educational - conducting scientific research, scientific evaluation in accordance with the objectives of the Center;
  • consulting - psychological counseling in solving various problems in the field of psychological management technologies, organizational psychology, labor psychology, etc .;
  • providing psychological counseling services to interested organizations and individual citizens on the basis of concluded civil law contracts;
  • providing additional educational services in accordance with the objectives of the Center for interested individuals and legal entities on the basis of concluded civil law contracts, using various forms (trainings, workshops, round tables, business games, etc.);
  • developing and publishing teaching aids and other teaching and educational materials in the field of psychological knowledge.
Irina Viktorovna
Director of the Center, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Sociology of Management
phone.: (+7 3852)503-485