scientific council

The Academic Council of the Altai Branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation is an elected representative body and provides general management of the Altai Branch of the Academy.

The Academic Council includes ex officio Director and Deputy Directors of the Altai Branch of RANEPA. Other members of the Academic Council are elected by the meeting of scientific and pedagogical staff, representatives of other categories of employees and students of the Altai Branch of RANEPA.

Composition of the Academic Council of the Altai Branch of RANEPA is approved by the Academic Council of RANEPA and announced by order of Rector. The term of office of the Academic Council is 5 years.

The main tasks of the Academic Council are: defining current and future trends of the branch operations; joining efforts of the branch management, academic staff, teaching and support staff in order to prepare professionals able to meet modern requirements; coordinating educational, methodical, scientific research, and other activities of the branch.


• solving issues of educational, methodical, research and informational-analytical work; staff training; establishing international relations of the branch; approving curricula and programs; setting the norms of academic load for the teaching staff; considering the target figures of student enrollment for the next academic year and submitting them for approval to the Academy; solving issues of coordinating the curricula of departments and faculties; making decisions on all issues of the educational process, including the terms of training, in accordance with the requirements of the federal state educational standards; rescheduling the start of the academic year; approving the procedure for drawing up plans for the research activities of the branch;

• hearing reports of the director, his deputies, heads of departments, faculty of the branch in certain areas of activity;

• considering plans for financial and economic activities and social development of the branch;

• considering reports on the implementation of the plan of financial and economic activities of the branch;

• making decisions on granting academic titles to associate professors and professors of the branch employees from among the faculty;

• holding a competition for the positions of research and pedagogical workers;

• considering issues of the organizational structure of the branch, making decisions on the creation and liquidation of the structural units of the branch;

• approving annual plans for research;

• making decisions on recommendations for the publication of educational, scientific, methodological, and other literature;

• considering issues of editorial and publishing activities;

• considering and accounting for the recommendations of public organizations and state-public associations in the system of higher and postgraduate professional education in their activities;

• considering draft local regulations aimed at regulating the legal status of departments, financial, labor and other important issues of the operation of the branch;

• making decisions on other issues related to the competence of the academic council of the branch by the Charter of the Academy, Regulations on the Branch of the Academy and other local acts of the Academy.

The Academic Council of the Altai Branch of RANEPA conducts its activities, guided by the Charter of the Academy, decisions of the governing bodies of the Academy, local acts of the Academy.

Meetings of the Academic Council of the Altai Branch of RANEPA are held once a month, except for the holiday period (July, August).

Igor Anatolyevich
Chairman of the Academic Council, Director of the Altai Branch of RANEPA, Doctor of Psychological Sciences
phone.: (+7 3852) 504-180
Svetlana Vladimirovna
Secretary of the Academic Council, Deputy Director for Research, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences
phone.: (+7 3852) 503-571