Research department


The research department is a structural unit of the Altai Branch of RANEPA, established in September 2018. The department is created, reorganized and liquidated by order of the branch director on the basis of the decision of the academic council of the branch in coordination with the Department of Regional Policy of RANEPA.

The department operates in accordance with federal law of December 29, 2012 No. 273-FZ “On Education in the Russian Federation”, Charter of RANEPA, Regulations on the Altai Branch of RANEPA, local acts of RANEPA and the Altai Branch of RANEPA, Internal Labor Regulations and Regulations about the Research Department.

The purpose of the creation of the department is organizing support of the research activities of the research-pedagogical staff and students of the Academy.


• developing regulations, regulatory documents governing research activities;

• keeping record and preparing research statistics of the Academy;

• preparing and compiling consolidated reports on the results of research activities of the Academy;

• coordinating the departments in the implementation of research and scientific and methodological work;

• implementing organizational activities related to the preparation and conduct of scientific events, competitions within the Academy;

• coordinating publishing activities, organizing work of editorial boards of scientific publications;

• coordinating work of student scientific societies, scientific circles;

• providing information support for lecturers and students about scientific competitions, conferences, symposia, seminars, grants, research applications and the possibility of publishing the results of their scientific research.

Svetlana Vladimirovna
Deputy Director for Research
phone.: (+7 3852) 503-571