Department of Economics and Finance

The Department of Economics and Finance provides training for a bachelor’s degree in direction 38.03.01 "Economics" and a master’s degree in direction 38.04.08 "Finance and Credit".

The main mission of the department is training of competitive personnel for carrying out professional activities in various sectors of the economy, state and municipal financial management.

The department also participates in the implementation of the educational process in other areas of training and in advanced training courses and professional retraining in various programs.

The development of scientific and practical orientation contributes to the scientific potential of the faculty of the department. The teachers of the department are scientists and practitioners who, at a high professional level, pass on their knowledge and practical experience to students. A practice-oriented approach in combination with a powerful theoretical base provides a remarkable competitive advantage of the department’s graduates in the labor market.

Much attention is paid to research work. The results of the scientific work of the teachers of the department are presented in monographs, articles in scientific collections, scientific and methodical works, and reports at scientific and practical conferences at various levels. Students also actively participate in scientific conferences and seminars organized by the department and held with its support.

Employment of graduates and practical training of students is given special attention. The Department of Economics and Finance annually analyzes the needs of the labor market in the financial sector, monitors the labor market, identifies the main trends, and takes into account changes in employers' preferences. The effectiveness of the work is indicated by the fact that the administrations of enterprises regularly apply to the department with a request to send students to practice with the possibility of their subsequent employment.

Natalia Alexandrovna
Head of the Department of Economics and Finance
phone.: (+7 3852) 503-431