Department of Humanities and Natural Sciences

The Department of Humanities and Natural Sciences was established in June 2010.

Humanitarian and science education is important for forming outlook; it plays a big role in the development of a person, his or her values and morals. With the development of science and technology experts in various fields are expected to have knowledge of the social sciences. The Department of Humanities and Natural Sciences provides general humanitarian, socio-economic, mathematical and natural sciences education to full-time and part-time students for all directions of training and specialties.

Since 2010 the Department has been headed by L.M. Lysenko, Associate Professor, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences.

Much attention is paid to research, taking into account research interests of teachers. The scientific results of the Department are presented by: monographs, articles in scientific journals, scientific and methodical works; presentations at congresses, symposiums, conferences and seminars at various levels.

At present, the main task of the faculty of the Department is the further improvement of teaching methods, research and educational work in accordance with the new requirements in order to prepare qualified specialists and bachelors.

The issue, which the Department is working on, is the organization of research and independent work of students of the Altai Branch of RANEPA. We encourage students to actively participate in scientific conferences and seminars at various levels.

The teachers provide the organization of independent work in class through the use of group, pair and individual forms of work, during extracurricular time - in the form of tests and writing course papers and abstracts according to the curriculum. The Department has developed work materials  and recommendations  on a range of subjects.

The Department has developed teaching and methodology complexes, including course programs, funds of test tasks and lists of recommended literature; and published a series of textbooks for full-time and part-time students, as well as methodological  guidelines for students and teachers.

Larisa Mikhaylovna
Head of the Department of Humanities and Natural Sciences
phone.: (+7 3852) 503-481