Department of State and Municipal Administration

The Department of State and Municipal Administration provides training on a bachelor’s degree in direction 38.03.04 "State and municipal administration" and a master’s program in direction 38.04.04 "State and municipal administration".

The main mission of the department is to prepare competitive personnel for professional performance in the positions of the state civil service of the Russian Federation, the state civil service of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, municipal service, state and municipal enterprises and institutions, scientific and educational organizations, political parties, socio-political, non-profit and commercial organizations.

The department also performs methodological and personnel support of professional retraining in the framework of additional professional education in the direction of "State and municipal management", actively participates in the implementation of the educational process in other areas of training and advanced training courses on various programs.

The activity of the department is aimed at creating organizational, scientific and methodological foundations to form competencies of students and trainees necessary for the implementation of professional activities in state and municipal government, as well as in the management of organizations of various forms of ownership.

The scientific potential of the faculty of the department meets the needs of state and municipal governments. Lecturers of the Department of State and Municipal Administration are scientists and practitioners who, at a high professional level, pass on their knowledge and practical experience to students and trainees.

In order to organize all kinds of practical training and further employment of graduates, the department involves state and municipal employees into organizing the educational process. Cooperation with public authorities and their subordinate organizations is also carried out in the course of preparing educational programs and conducting research work.

Lecturers of the Department of State and Municipal Administration successfully combine research and teaching activities with practical work, are included in the certification, contest and conflict committees as independent experts in the territorial bodies of the federal bodies of state power of the Russian Federation in Altai Krai, and the executive authorities of Altai Krai.

Natalia Petrovna
Head of the Department of State and Municipal Administration
phone.: (+7 3852) 503-460